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5 things you MUST do when playing paintball

5 things you MUST do when playing paintball

This is not ROCKET SCIENCE but yet after more than a decade of watching players play at Red Dynasty Paintball Park… something just doesn’t change. Whenever a paintball game is confirmed, a set of administration instructions will be sent to the game organizer within 24 hours. This set of instructions will contain information such as where to meet, when to meet, what to bring, what to wear, etc… based on our vast experiences in organizing paintball games, these information are often not pass on. And from hereon, a great event awaiting to happen can be hampered and transformed into a sour game experience for everyone.

1. Know the venue

Familiarity leads to complacency… while Singapore is a tiny little red dot, there is still a bit of navigation needed if you are unsure of where to go. Red Dynasty Paintball Park has 2 paintball branches located in Khatib and Bukit Timah. Both are within reach of a MRT station with the former being 5 mins walk away and the latter centrally located in the heart of Singapore and connected by Singapore’s major expressway the Pan Island Expressway (PIE). Use Google Map to locate the field, use Red Dynasty Paintball Park’s facebook page to locate the exact spot using specific landmarks. Going to the wrong outlet will send you on a merry-go-round.

2. Wear the right attire

Ever heard of the famous saying: “No pain, no gain”? Believe, trust and worship these recommendations when we advice you to wear long sleeve shirt, long pants and covered shoes for your paintball game. Once bitten (shot by a paintball), you will fully understand why you need to play in the right attire. Not only will your clothes give you ample protection, it can also help fend off paint stains (washable by the way) from the hits. Playing with the right attire also helps you to roll, prone and crawl if there is a “Rambo” in you. Disposable can be purchased at the counter for $10 if you are in your slipper, tank tops and short shorts (god bless you). Bring anything into the field that can give you the right protection, caps, gloves, scarf, shin pads, bullet proof vest… anything! Groin guard can be rented at the counter… for a “prized” protection.

3. Arrive early for the game briefing and LISTEN!

Knowing the Do’s and Don’t’s from the compulsory game briefing is like understanding how a weapon of mass destruction works. Arrive early and listen mindfully to the instructions given by the instructors. You will be given hints on safety rules, how to play, how to handle paintball equipment, objectives of the game, how to win games, how to exit the field, etc. In short, it is the essential essence of mastering your courage to play a game of paintball. This is also the best time to ask questions about paintball if you are unsure. Ask anything you like and you won’t look stupid at all… it will be stupid not to clear any doubts before an epic paintball battle. A set of FAQ can be found on our website, www.weplaypaintball.com

4. FOOD!

Don’t play paintball on an empty stomach! Paintball is an adrenaline rushing game, while short in duration (8 – 10 minutes per game), it can be energy draining. If you are having a morning game, be sure to eat before playing. A good breakfast will give you the proper sugar intake to overcome fatigue. If your games are after lunch, be sure to eat a light meal… all that running after a heavy lunch will see you becoming an ambassador for Singapore (the Merlion). Light snacks such as chips, chocolate bar, sweets are some energy boosters halfway through the game. Drink lots of water after every game session and stay hydrated along the way. Drinks can be purchased at Red Dynasty Paintball Park from vending machines or at the counter.

5. Have fun and shoot away

Playing paintball is all about having fun! Don’t get emotionally charged even when you are hit. Take a deep breathe, forgive and forget… go back to the starting frame, restart the game and take your REVENGE! Don’t take paintball as a personal vendetta instead make it work wonders as the perfect formula for teamwork and communication. Team is built from the challenges they encountered! Devise a game strategy to complete game objectives, build trust, foster relationship and interact. Let paintball activity be the icebreaker tool for you to know that colleague of yours from across the corridor whom you see everyday but not his/her name.

This article is contributed by Red Dynasty Paintball Park. For information on the different game packages, please visit www.weplaypaintball.com