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Paintball vs Laser Tag… the better evil.

Paintball vs Laser Tag… the better evil.

In the famous confrontation of David and Goliath, one cannot forget that Goliath was defeated by David’s sling and stones and suffered defeat with his head rolling, a biblical account which we live to tell today. If you think that this account has a stout accountability to the ways things are dealt with in our life today… we must tell you that they really do. Where the underdogs overcame adversity and emerged as the eventual winner… Aren’t we the underdogs of our life? Almost like the Sun Tze Art of War where war practitioners adopt and use the art of war strategies through wistful thinking of deception, disposition and intelligence to win hard-fought battles against its opponent and in the end, it was David who eventually won. By grasping these strategies and applying them carefully to our businesses, life and leisure (if any), we can sometimes move ahead of ourselves and present a better dealing for the future… which of course, brings us back to the title of this article, Laser Tag versus Paintball.

Visit most laser tag websites which offer laser tag services and you will find FAQs about laser tag games being the “painless” and “messy less” activity of both. We say, and we quote “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. This great famous saying that is still use today in sports to businesses relates to a greater value of reward for hard work and perseverance. What deemed to be the lesser evil of both activities might not be entirely similar after all? Cheaper they said, safer they presumed, cleaner they insisted. While we can all agree to disagree, these assumptions are accurate in some ways but not 100% true.

Comparing laser tag to paintball in its simplest form is comparing apples to oranges. Both are fruits in its natural state but completely different in many ways from the look, taste, texture, nutritional values and costs. But many are fast to conclude that laser tag is better than paintball… Say this to any paintball enthusiasts and you will be immediately frowned upon. On the contrary, tell laser tag devotees that laser tag is only for the scaredy-cats, the same reaction will surface. The good vs the bad are sometimes not very well defined. For there to be good, there must be bad. For things to be bad, there has to be good.

Run a search on laser tag versus paintball on the internet and you can hardly find any article justifying paintball is better than laser tag… because a fact is a fact and no matter how much dressing is done, paintball will always be paintball and likewise, laser tag will always be laser tag. Paintball operators know the truth long ago and cannot be bothered too much about these comparisons. Paintball will always be Goliath and laser tag will always be David. To compare heaven and earth is just simply unfair and shallow if we may say.

Speak about the good and elude the bad.

At this juncture, we would like to state our point for this article. We are a strong believer of “if you sow the seeds, you will enjoy the fruit”, no journey is too long for as long as you have walked the walk and talked the talk. Shortcuts in life do happen for a reason and mostly unfair, there are some lucky ones who are always there at the right time and the right place along with some good fortunes and other factors such as emotions, thought processes and opportunities, their life took a total transformation for the better good. And there are those (most of us) who works doubly hard grinding and slogging away but no matter how much work they do, the lucky stars simply do not fall upon them. And there are those who are just too comfortable to begin any work or make any changes. Most are happy the way they are, and any change might not be the best way moving forward. Again, to each his own. Work hard for what you believe in… simple.
We remembered speaking to a customer who wanted to make a reservation for a paintball teambuilding game but was skeptical about what paintball has to offer. “So… paintball is painful right? Laser tag is safer than paintball. It is cleaner too, but paintball is more exciting because you can feel the pain and offers a unique experience” he said and absolutely 100% correct he was!

This customer compared both paintball and laser tag differently and weighs the cons and pros of playing both. In the end, the customer chose both activities and leave his colleagues to decide for themselves which game they would like to participate. The more adventurous will choose paintball and the more reserved will go for laser tag. And of course, if you are under-age (in the eyes of Singapore law enforcers) then laser tag is your best choice.

While we live in a free society where everyone is free to air their opinions about anything, it seems easier to talk down and speak bad about the weaknesses of others instead of building strengths of their own.

Even though laser tag offers flexibility with little restriction on participating age, paintball offers a more dynamic shooting game through experiential learning and feedback which laser tag could not provide. Laser tag with no expendables (in the form of paintballs/bullets) can offer a cheaper alternative but it will be unfair to mention that paintball is a more expensive game given that the nature of the activities is entirely different. Paint stains and splatters when being hit by a paintball adds excitement to the game and as the name suggests paintball contains paints. It would not be paintball without paint (actually not paints but polyethylene glycol… whatever that is) and laser in laser tag is not really “LASER” as Doctor Evil calls it.

In summay, the story of which is the better good will never end… choose the most valued activity from your investments and leave the rest to experience.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park provides both paintball and laser tag activities which are both suitable for corporate, schools and organizations team building and cohesion program. If you are undecided about which shooting game to choose, why not consider taking up both or simply take a poll in the office and let everyone decides what is best for them. Laser tag and paintball for team games start from as low as $24.90/pax and $29.90/pax.

This article is contributed by Red Dynasty Paintball Park. For information on the different game packages, please visit www.weplaypaintball.com