Note to all:

All participants MUST complete the indemnity form before the participation of any activity on the premises of Red Dynasty Paintball Park.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park reserves the right to reject any participation if the individual refuses to complete the indemnity form before the commencement of the session. Following the Singapore Police Force Arms and Explosives Act licensing requirements, all paintball game centres are to maintain a register showing particulars of its partons.

Thank you for your understanding in providing your particulars. Your personal data will only be used to comply with the regulation set out by the Singapore Police Force.

Participants who are between 18 years old will required an adult to complete the indemnity form.

To prevent any administrative delay to the commencement of your reservation, all participants can assist to complete the indemnity form and submit the completed form to the facilitators on-site when you report for your booking.

Click here to fill up the Indemnity Form online

Click here to download a printable copy of the Indemnity Form