1) What types of measures are in place to ensure a safe environment?

Phase III Safe Management Measures (SMM)

Activities are planned in accordance to the Safety Management Measures (SMM) guidelines issued by the government.

Our employees and patrons will be required to strictly observe these regulations and act in good spirit and with common sense in areas not covered by the regulations and to uphold the principle of the regulations. If there is any regulation that a patron is not able to observe throughout, we advise against visiting Red Dynasty Paintball Park during these special times. For more information please visit www.spf.gov.sg

2) Can I reserve a session for more than 8 persons?

Yes, you can reserve a session for up to 100 persons in accordance to the SMM guidelines. However, the maximum group size will be 8 persons. Activities for multiple groups can be conducted with revised games objectives with safety as our top priority.

3) What is the duration of each session?

For Phase III, we have revised all our activity packages to be 1.5 hours sessions. This duration is inclusive of safety briefing, game briefing, game break and game debrief at the end of each session. All customers are advised to arrive 15-30 minutes before booking time so as to complete all administrative matters. Extension of activity duration is possible with an optional upgrade of additional 30 minutes and additional 1000 paintball for $100.00 (subjected to availability).

4) How many games do I get to play?

There will be unlimited games conducted within the session time. Additional time can be added as an upgrade so that more games can be conducted but subjected to availability. All customers are advised to arrive 15-30 minutes before booking time so as to complete any administrative matters so that we can start on time and fully utilize the session time for games. Games will end when there are no more paintballs left to shoot not unless additional paintballs are purchased during the event.

5) What if I run out of time but still have paintballs?

Additional time can be added as an upgrade option so that more games can be conducted to utilize the paintballs. Do purchase this add-on when making your booking or it will be subjected to slot availability on event day. Alternatively, the paintballs can be expended at the static shooting range.


1) How can I make payment?

We offer 6 modes of payment: cash, NETS, cheque, internet banking, PayNow and Scan QR. We are Gebiz-registered (www.gebiz.gov.sg), EPS-registered and deal electronically with all government agencies (invoice or www.vendors.gov.sg).

Turf City (PayNow via UEN): 201312364H (Click here for instructions)
ORTO (PayNow via Mobile No.): 96697025 (Click here for instructions)

Internet Banking:
Turf City
Account Name: EK Paintball Group Pte Ltd
Bank Account: United Overseas Bank (UOB) Current
Account Number: 3413038276

Account Name: EK Paintball LLP
Bank Account: United Overseas Bank (UOB) Current
Account Number: 3803044617

2) Is Red Dynasty Paintball Park GeBIZ registered?

Yes. We are registered under EK Paintball Group Pte Ltd on GeBIZ. All payments can be made electronically via e-invoice.

3) Do you charge GST?

Red Dynasty Paintball Park is wholly owned and managed by EK Paintball Group Pte Ltd (previously EK Paintball LLP). The GST Registration number for EK Paintball Group Pte Ltd is 201312364H. Prevailing GST rates will apply for the pricings stated in this website.  All prices on our website include GST unless otherwise stated.


1) Are the activity/activities safe?

In everything that we do, there is always a certain amount of risks that are involved. Similar to all sports, paintball (and the other activities that we offer) is a safe activity as long as rules and regulations are strictly followed.

Individuals with health problems such as heart conditions, nervous disorder, pregnancy, etc should not participate.

2) Is paintball actually “pain” ball?

Each individual has different pain tolerances. While some might feel a “stinging” sensation, others might not. All our paintball markers are chronographed to ensure the velocity measured in feet per second (FPS) is to safe specifications issued by the Singapore Police Force.

3) Are safety equipment provided for the activity?

All packages are inclusive of the rental and safety equipment or the respective activity.
Paintball – Rental of the paintball marker, rental of paintball mask, rental of chest protector and purchase of paintballs.
Laser Tag – Rental of the laser tag gun and rental of laser headset/vest
Archery Tag – Rental of the face mask, archery tag bows and arrows
Foam Dart – Rental of the foam dart blasters, foam darts ammo, safety glasses
Bubble Soccer – Rental of the bubble suits

4) Will there be someone to facilitate the session?

Yes a game facilitator will be assigned to each group. They will conduct the safety briefing, game briefing, marshal the games to ensure safety and smooth running of the session.


1) Why should I choose to reserve a session with Red Dynasty Paintball Park?

With more than 25 years of combined experience in the teambuilding and recreational industry (especially paintball), you can be sure that our organization will be capable in handling your event!

We offer different outdoor activities specializing in Paintball, Laser Tag, Foam Dart Blaster, Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag and other fringe activities, serving corporate teambuilding, cohesions, school outings, birthday parties and family activities.

2) How can I play paintball if I don't have a group to play with?

Check out our Single Rider Package. (https://weplaypaintball.com/paintball/) which is available on all Sunday morning from 9.00 am onward.

3) I would like to play more regularly, is there a membership program that I can join?

Do check out our membership page (https://weplaypaintball.com/about/splat-membership/). Take advantage of this membership to improve at the sport at a faster rate and at a higher level.

4) Will paintball stain my clothings?

No, paintball stains are washable. However, participants are advised to wear clothes that are inexpensive and dispensable. Stained clothings should be washed immediately after event so as to prevent dye from “eating” into the clothing fabric.

5) Is there an age limit to participate?

To play paintball in Singapore, the authorities have a minimum age requirement of 14 years old imposed on all participants. For the rest of the activities, we generally recommend 7 years old and above. An online waiver link will be send to you via email and parental/guardian consents are required for all participants who are below 18 years old. Do bring along a photo ID, for age verification.

*For Bubble soccer a minimum height of 1.4m in required as Bubble suits are only available in adult size.

6) Do I have to make a booking?

Yes, you will have to book in advance and receive a confirmation email from us before coming as we are open by appointment only.

7) How can I make a booking?

Bookings can be made by via:
(1) Red Dynasty Paintball Park online booking form (www.weplaypaintball.com)
(2) Sending us an email at info@weplaypaintball.com. In the email, please include your particulars, date and time of booking, number of participants, preferred package and we will get back to you. If there is a special event, for example, birthday, anniversary, tournament, please indicate in the booking request so that we can work with you on your requirements.
(3) Call us at our main office hotline: 66594782 / 66598095 / 67557537 during office hours (10am-7pm Mon-Fri & 10am-2pm on Sat)

8) How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

A non-refundable full advance payment will be required to confirm and secure your booking. If you do your booking via our online instant book, you will have an ease and direct confirmation as it will lead you to an online payment portal for deposit. You will then receive an email notification. If your booking is made via email or call, you will receive and email follow-up from us with your booking details and deposit payment details.

The deposit made will be off-set from the final bill. Your booking will NOT be confirmed if you do not complete the deposit payment.

9) What if it rains on event day?

We understand that weather changes fast in Singapore. All customers are advised to arrive 15-30 minutes before booking time. Should there be a drastic weather change, our staff will advice accordingly. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable. All participants of the group should still come and be present for the session. Once the rain subsides, the games will resume.

If the bad weather (e.g. continuous heavy rain) does not allow the game to resume with game duration running out, our facilitators will suggest for game postponement and will liaise with game organizer on the next preferred date for the event. Do note that the deposit payment which was transacted prior to the booking will be carried over to the next postpone event.

10) What should I wear on game day?

Below are the recommended attire for the different activities:
– We recommend tops and pants that are dark-coloured, long sleeved and loose-fitting, and covered shoes suitable for sports for all participants.
– Additional protection can be worn such as shawl, scarf, cap. You may also purchase or rent the following items (subjected to stock availability) on-site:
Purchase: Brand new personal paintball mask, disposable coveralls, neck protector and groin guard
Rental: Neck protector and groin guard

Laser Tag, Archery Tag, Foam Dart & Bubble Soccer
– We recommend for comfortable sports attire and covered shoes suitable for sports for all participants.

11) Are there shower facilities?

Yes, there are shower (cold, no water heater) facilities available nearby and users are recommended to bring along their own toiletries, towel and a set of fresh clothing for change. Please approach our facilitators for directions to the nearest shower facilities.

12) How do I get to Red Dynasty Paintball Park?

We have 2 branches in Singapore:
a) Red Dynasty Paintball Park, The Cage Sports Park @ Turf City (Bukit Timah)
b) Red Dynasty Paintball Park, ORTO (Yishun)

Click here for more information about our branches.

13) Are there any food and drinks sold in the venue?

Red Dynasty Paintball Park (Bukit Timah – Turf City)
1.5L bottles and assorted can drinks are sold on-site. There is no food outlet at our venue, and we do not recommend the consumption of food at our venue during this period.

If you have a question which is not listed in the FAQ, please email us at info@weplaypaintball.com or call us at 6659 4782 / 6659 8095 / 6755 7537.