The Zen of Esports Teambuilding by Red Dynasty Esports

The Zen of Esports Teambuilding by Red Dynasty Esports

What Is Esports?

You might have heard of it and you might have seen it being reported on many news platform. A term coined to represent the world of Electronic Sports even has a distinctive way for its spelling. If the Internet was the evolution of the 90’s, Esports would be a new way of communicating with the Generation Z. The once frowned upon geek minded activity of playing video game is now a billion dollar industry with concert like game launches, international competitions, million viewers livestream and a lucrative pathway to intellectual property and social media content. Often associated to gaming addiction and the promotion of video violence, Esports as the name suggests is ready to take on the sporting world when compared to traditional sporting events where professional players train, strategize and execute the skills, except that in the gaming world, players do it through a personal computer, console or mobile phone. The immerse pressure of maneuvering a game character through a game is often debatable when pit against the physical exertion of a conventional sports athlete when classifying Esports as a “real” sport. While there are lovers and haters who see their side of the coin, we are pretty sure that Esports meets specific criteria of calling it a sport in the eyes of the Euro Sports Charter. Firstly, it must comprise of casual or organized participation, it must be aim at expressing or improving mental well-being, it must form social relationships and lastly there must be competitions played at all level. And VOILA!

Teambuilding And Esports
While we can all agree that sports promotes social interaction, Esports takes social interaction into a whole new dimension through game streaming. A space where social media influencers occupied commercial advertising and marketing via facebook, Instagram and YouTube, game streaming is now the new kid on the block which promotes a larger pool of audiences with direct visibility, let alone youth engagement which enhances brand imagery.
With Esports teambuilding, corporate organizations and schools can now kill two birds with one stone by engaging in a non-conventional group activity through social cohesion and connect with Esports. Forget about the multi-million dollars production, the complicated know-how of managing game streaming, the nitty gritty details of setting up invitations, the ice-breakers and the results. But instead take a back seat, relax and leave it to the host/facilitator who will adopt Esports as a teambuilding tool which encompasses the 7 essential traits of an effective teambuilding: Trust, Discipline, Leadership, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Teamwork and Communication. Get introduced to basic Esports terms as such FPS, MOBA, Discord, Twitch while showcasing dynamism, vibrancy and culture of your corporate image.

Let’s get it on!


What Is Esports Teambuilding?
Teambuilding is all about bringing people from all walks of life together to share a common experience that everyone can relate to and open more micro-channels to communicate openly. Esports is the new way that will bring different groups of people out on a new channel to improve their communication and their interpersonal relationships from virtually anywhere in the world.
Why Is It Beneficial To My Organization?
COVID-19 is the unexpected worldwide pandemic that has taken us away from our normal way of working, interacting with stakeholders and socializing. Working from home has been a new reality for many companies and employees are physically distant while engaging in company video calls. We value face-to-face interactions through our teambuilding programs, always and now, and this is one thing that we will take online for you. Yes, WFH (work from home) but keep your team together from home too. With our Esports Teambuilding activities, we bring your WFH employees at WFH on a virtual journey to keep the bonds strong and everyone’s morale up. This contributes to worker productivity at home and better mental health management for everyone with the opportunity to socialize without feeling shy to initiate video calls on a casual basis with colleagues.
How Can We Engage Everyone?
Everyone can be engaged digitally from virtually anywhere with internet connection and a mobile device. The most effective way to deliver digital engagement is through “gamification”, that is, the transformation of watching into playing. Our program can bring complete newbies into the game through our game orientation. There are some employees who may be more knowledgeable in a certain game who can skip the game orientation and join us directly in the game room. During the session, employees will be grouped into teams and everyone will be assigned roles in the game plan. This ensures that no one will be left out and everyone can have a role to play in the game.
What Are The Values Achieved?
Employee engagement is at the foremost in our program. In the real world sports like paintball, laser tag, soccer, family day carnivals, the best part about these sports is the interaction achieved among people. Our program brings it to a digital level for you. In sports, we talk about planning, strategies, execution and after action review. Digitally the same happens. The process enhances critical thinking, ability to listen and execute, effective team communication and, interpersonal relationships. Employees will be able to talk to and see one another in the game set-up we bring. The adrenaline rush, excitement level and degree of engagement will be a whole new experience for everyone.
What Does Red Dynasty Esports Provide?
Red Dynasty Esports will have a quotation and program drawn up for your company. Upon confirmation, we will have a lead coordinator overseeing your program. For the games, employees will be grouped into teams and compete in a friendly competition fixtures that we will plan. The program will start with a game orientation to ensure that everyone understands the rules of the game and the basic controls for the game. Games will be streamed live for other departments or management team, or, even for family members to watch alongside them. There will also be live commentary during the streaming drawing the attention of the audience to the actions and communication of those in game using social media platform. After Action Review (AAR) will also be conducted at the end of the games for the participants to reflect and understand themselves and the team dynamics better. At the end of the session, our coordinators will provide the scoring and placing for the teams to add a little competition to the recreational games.
Is It Suitable For Everyone?
Esports is done online and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and mobile device. The device is your own and you are in total control of your device and your participation. In our program, everyone can play. Just like all sports, everyone can participate while there are recreational levels and competitive levels, and, sports programs designed for teambuilding where there are experienced instructors leading you through it. With our orientation program, everyone can be involved in the game through different roles. No one will be left out. We will be there with you.
Are There Any Health Benefits To Engaging In Esports?
Competitive Esports requires a high degree of discipline, critical thinking, lightning fast reflexes, extraordinary muscle memory and a sharp instinct of creative execution. The winning ingredient that brings the team to consistent championships is actually teamwork. Nothing fancy but teamwork and communication. Bringing the same principle to our Esports teambuilding program, the very element that we want to inculcate in every employee is teamwork. Having healthy relationships among coworkers increases productivity dramatically and forms a more cohesive company that can go through thick and thin together. Employees provide relationship support for one another at work with trust and communication. Studies have also suggested that prolonged periods of staying at home and lack of socializing when humans are fundamentally social animals can be detrimental to mental health. Interacting socially albeit digitally can alleviate the stress of not being able to leave home. While respecting social distancing and other stay home measures now, our Esports teambuilding program provides an alternative outlet of socializing digitally through visual, auditory and kinesthetic approaches which is how most people learn and process information.
Any Other Personal Benefits Of Trying out Esports Teambuilding?
If you have been a recreational or competitive gamer all this while, this is the time for you to shine and humbly teach your colleagues on a formal level on how to start the game. In any sports, the same principle applies – the more, the merrier. If you happen to have children or relatives who are always on their phones playing games and you just cannot comprehend why all this while, this is the perfect opportunity. Learn some tips and lingo from us through our Esports orientation teambuilding program and surprise the kids or nephews and nieces with your new gain knowledge. You will be surprised by their surprise and it opens new doors to communicating and bonding with your family.
What Do We Need To Do?
Take the first step to try a new sports with an open mind. All it takes is an email to start the ball rolling for us to plan for you. Email us at, call us at 66594782 to let us know that you want to find out or if you have some questions in mind. Let us know your estimated group size and preferred date/time for the company esports event. We will do the planning for your program.
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