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Relaxation of Safe Management Measures – Increase in Demand and Interest in Teambuilding Activities.

MediaCorp Channel 8 Evening News (10pm) and Channel U Evening News (11pm) –

Article is written and published by Li Zhengyi, 10 Apr 2022 under MediaCorp Channel 8 News

Article Link: https://www.8world.com/singapore/covid-19-bigger-group-sports-1778011

Translated by Red Dynasty Paintball Park

With the relaxation of Safe Management Measures, more people can participate in sports and teambuilding activities. A swimming coach had increased his enrolment spots by 40% for the past 2 weeks and 60% has been filled. Enquiries for paintball activity has also increased by 20-30% with the majority from corporate teambuilding.
The intense and exciting “shooting” game of paintball does not require wearing of COVID masks as it is outdoors and can have 10 versus 10 at any time, making it more fun for the participants.

One paintball participant said, “The past COVID measures have limited the group size to 5 persons mostly. Hence, it has been a very long time since his group has met up and it is a much-awaited gathering.”

Red Dynasty Paintball Park started 15 years ago. During pre-COVID times, it can easily host a 450-person event for paintball. Comparatively, it is hosting up to 150 persons due to Safe Management Measures. However, the founder candidly shared that the situation is improving. Jane Koh, one of the founders of Red Dynasty Paintball Park, explained, “The number of enquiries from corporate is seeing a gradual increase. This is probably due to the lifting of rules and social activities at workplaces are allowed now. We also see an increase in interest from paintball teams as more are looking forward to returning to full team practices.” The paintball park is planning for a paintball competition in June and anticipates the need for hiring.

Likewise for the swimming classes, the class size is increased to 10 persons including the coach. The mother of one of the swim class participants, an eight year old, feels safe to sign him up for the swim class as her son has received 2 vaccination shots and most of his swim class mates have completed their vaccination requirements too.
His mother explained, “My son is the only child at home so I look forward to bringing him for swim classes where he can play and compete with the other kids so it is more interesting for him.” The swim coach Mr Yan Wei Kang, with 25 years od coaching experience, highlighted that the current class size is most just 6 persons. Mr Yan Wei Kang, the founder of the swim school, mentioned, “The current activity area is limited to 25m by 5m so it is not very spacious especially on the weekends. With the pandemic still ongoing, there may be a resurgence and restriction in group size again. With this arrangement, we will be less affected.”