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“Kenna” Arrowed To Plan For A Company Team Building Retreat?

When the “arrow” has been shot, there is no running away! Instead of sulking over being the “chosen one”, here’s why you should take up this opportunity to shine above the rest! When it comes to planning for a team building event there is no running away from the following advice! Having planned for thousand of corporate team building events, retreats, product launches, reward outings, weekly healthy events, etc. since 2007, Red Dynasty Paintball Park has a thing or two to share.

1) Type Of Activity

This is the most important of them all. Choosing the right activity can either hype up the entire team and have colleagues talking about it for days post-event or have them never to attend a company team building event in the future. When it comes to choosing the right event, make sure that it involves everyone’s participation. Let’s admit it, there will be stoners who will only “go through the motion” and sneakers who like to sneak away when no one is looking, we have seen many of them throughout the years but when you give everyone a paintball marker (gun), it is clear that one has to prove his worthiness. We do suggest “ahem”, “cough cough” paintball… for obvious reasons.

In a paintball battlefield, there is no room for stoners and sneakers, instead through a two sided battle games, you can only sift out the true heroes and prompt action takers! Finding an activity which engages the physical and mental component is not an uphill task when it comes to paintball. We provide 100% money back guarantee that on one will be sleeping away in La La Land. Let their adrenaline rushes and endorphins flushes take over their body!

In a game where everyone has a specific role to fulfil requires all in a team to work together to outwit their opponents. Team building traits such as leadership, teamwork, problem solving, trust, confidence, decision making and communication come together in a nutshell in paintball. Accompanied by roles of attackers, defenders and objective captors make the battlefield activity comes alive where team strategies and plans can fuel desires to overcome all problems and differences… sounds very familiar to things happening in a boardroom meeting? A war without a plan is planning to fail…

Choose a venue with:

– Excellent track record and experiences organizing corporate events
– Activity which involves everyone
– Able to accommodate big groups of up to 100 persons
– Able to engage and Ra-Ra every participant

2) Food

Well… if you are from Singapore, there is no running away from food! Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, there are many restrictions over food consumption in many places, likewise we are affected as well. However, we do suggest a post food activity to brighten up all the tiredness. Where food and drinks are so so critical, plan for a before meal aperitif, French style. This is when the participants can make their time to the dinning table without too worrying about jam packed traffic or losing their way in the parking lot. Given ample time for participants to show up for meals, it makes attending a company outing less stressful. Oh, yes, how can we forget about the drinks, where deals, contracts, cooperation and agreements are strike!

Choose a venue with

– Ample parking spaces
– Access to MRT and public transport
– Drinks before meal
– Able to continue drinking after meals, Own Time Own Target (OTOT) style

3) Free Gifts

Who doesn’t like free gifts? The only good thing in life are things that come FREE! If the budget allows, allocate a free gift for everyone to mark this memorable occasion. A gift as small as a key chain or one big gift only to be given away to participants who persevered from the start till the end could be a determining factor for everyone to stay throughout.

Choose a gift with

– WOW factor!
– Memorable values
– Corporate identity such as T-shirts, caps, key chains

About the contributor: Ben Seow is from Singapore. His involvement with paintball started almost 18 years ago when he organized a paintball team building game for his university mates. Since then, Ben has been involved in the promotion and development of paintball sports across all levels, from establishing paintball fields, organizing of paintball competitions to supplying, distributing paintball gears and manufacturing, he has nearly covered every aspect there is to paintball in Singapore and Asia.