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5 things you MUST do to play like a professional

5 things you MUST do to play like a professional

Here are 5 tips which we would like to share with new players. These 5 important factors if put into good practice can turn wonders for any paintball team playing at any playing level.

Break Out

Breaking out from the starting frame is one of the most critical skills to learn in speedball. A good breakout will allow the team to gain a good start into the game. Teams which are well trained in breakout can eliminate opposing players off the break making it easy for them in the remainder of the game. It is always good to play an outnumbered team off the break than playing against a full team. Breakout practices can be made perfect with laning drills and off the break positioning. Team can practice and drill on their breakout position for familiarity.


Good laning gives the team an early advantage into the game. Good laners can eliminate players off the break giving them a good head start. To “lane out” players, it is important to walk the field and find for open spaces and spots which players may run into during the breakout.

Entry into bunker

There are several ways of entering the bunker and all of which can be used selectively depending on opposing fire from the opponent. Players who are able to slide and dive into bunkers “survive” the entry than players who can only run into bunkers. These are the several ways of entering into a bunker: run, run and gun, side slide, dive (Superman dive), half dive and the list goes on… A perfect entry only works well with a speedy recovery behind the bunker. A lot of players focus on bunker entry but lacks speedy recovery which compliments the entire entry movement.


Players with bad posture do not survive long behind bunkers. Always square up to the bunker to allow flexibility and space so as to shoot on both the left and right side. Player must be comfortable and well covered behind the bunker and if your muscles are working hard when behind the bunker, you are probably not playing in the right posture. Marker handling behind the bunker is also important. Create muscle memory by holding the marker the same way every time you play. Find the right posture which you are comfortable with and stick to it every time. Stay consistent.


Paintball is a team game therefore team communication is a key factor for this sport. Good interaction on and off the field will see the team perform and win games. Give clear and short instructions which can be easily understand. Team can also create bunker codes which are unique to the team’s play style. For example, code word “hot dog” can means a super offensive indication when opponents are out numbered. Players who are playing on the same side of the field must also talk to one another to speak the same lingo.

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